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Fishing in Flagstaff Arizona

Fishing lakes around Flagstaff are considered small to medium size and are dependent upon rainfall and snow-melt from the surrounding high elevations. The lakes are rarely completely full and during dry periods, some of the lakes can become "marshy" with low depth. Only Mormon Lake has unlimited restrictions on boat motor size. When full, Mormon Lake has a water surface of about 12 square miles at an average depth of about 10 feet.

There are two clustered groups of fishing lakes within a 7 to 30-mile drive from downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. They commonly share scenic beauty surrounded by forest with views of the San Francisco Peaks, the highest mountain range in Arizona. The lakes generally set at about 7,000 feet of elevation creating four distinct seasons. See our Flagstaff Weather Charts which shows average rainfall, snowfall and high and low temperatures by month.

Coconino National Forest Lakes

Lakes within the Flagstaff Ranger District in Coconino National Forest include Ashurst Lake, Kinniknick Lake , Lower Lake Mary, Upper Lake Mary and Mormon Lake. They are all accessible via Lake Mary Road which runs southeast of Flagstaff from Interstate 17. All of the lakes have campgrounds adjacent to each lake or nearby. Select a lake for more information.

Lakes Near Williams, Arizona

These lakes are within Kaibab National Forest near Williams which is about a 30 mile drive east from Flagstaff AZ along Interstate 40. They include Cataract Lake, Dogtown Lake, Kaibab Lake and White Horse Lake. Choose a lake for more information.

  • > Cataract Lake
  • > Dogtown Lake
  • > Kaibab Lake
  • > White Horse Lake

Fish Varieties and Features

Fish varieties vary by lake ranging from Northern Pike and Rainbow Trout to Walleye, Brook Trout, Yellow Bass, Channel Catfish and Sun Fish. Considering the scenic beauty and tranquility of the environment, good fishing is a bonus. There are several hiking trails adjacent to the lakes.

The Flagstaff lakes depend upon rain runoff and melting snow in the higher elevations. The depths of the lakes can vary greatly depending the amount of yearly rain and melting snow. The landscapes are lush and herds of deer, elk and antelope graze the areas.

Each lake features campgrounds either at the lake or nearby. Boating restrictions differ slightly. Fishing can range from good to poor since the water levels can change dramatically. It's always a good idea to call the ranger stations to check the fishing conditions or road closures.

See a list of other Lakes in Arizona.

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