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San Francisco Peaks Copyright Judith Arsenault

When Arizona is mentioned most people conjure-up visions of desert and the stately Saguaro cactus. But Flagstaff features a kind of Arizona Beauty that few would expect in Arizona. Like the majestic snow-capped San Francisco Peaks with its ski slopes and picturesque hiking trails. The world's largest stand of Ponderosa pine and the royal Aspen trees with its golden colors of Autumn. Fresh fallen winter snow that signals the approaching holiday season.

Meadows of Springtime wildflowers with bounding elk and deer. The lush greenery and blue sky of Summer. Shimmering lakes and endless encounters with natural beauty. That’s Flagstaff, Arizona. All that plus the next-door scenics of Sedona Arizona and the nearby wonder of the Grand Canyon.

These photos are compliments of some exceptionally talented photographers at Flickr and are licensed under the Creative Commons.

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