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Grand Canyon. A Visual Journey.

Mike Koopsen. Grand Canyon Photography
Jesse Kalu. Flutist, "Ancient Echoes".
Silver Spur Tours & Tony Subia. Video Production.

Mike Koopsen. Grand Canyon Photos.

Create a photograph. Don't just take one. Creativity beyond being a photographer. An artist's critical eye of what transforms a scene into a piece of art. Perspective. Balance. Geometric shapes. Light. Shadows. Color. Mood. Drama. All that excites the visual and emotional senses. Balancing the composition with such interlocking synergy that the result overwhelms what the normal eye fails to see. That's what Mike Koopsen does.

Jesse Kalu. "Ancient Echoes."

A native Chamorru of the Mariana Islands, Jesse moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1991. Yet to read or write music, he began playing and making flutes with Sedona bamboo created to reflect melodies that "danced in his heart". Emanating from his hand-crafted instruments are the sounds of nature evoking ancient memories of gentle times living in harmony with nature and each other. Our Grand Canyon Visual Journey video is beautifully accentuated with "Ancient Echoes" by Jesse Kalu. Experience more Jesse Kalu sounds.

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