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Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory

What a great place to learn about astronomy and experience telescopic views into the depth of the universe. Named after its founder Percival Lowell, the Lowell Observatory was incepted in 1894. Lowell chose Flagstaff, Arizona as the best location for astronomy research because of its combination of clear dark sky and high elevation.

Lowell created the observatory to explore the possibility of life on the planet Mars using a specially designed 24-inch Alvan Clark refracting telescope. That telescope was sent to Mexico with the expectations the area would provide better views of Mars. The telescope was returned to Flagstaff in 1897 and remains on active display for visitor use today.

The Lowell Observatory is best known for its discovery of the planet Pluto. Ongoing noteworthy discoveries include co-discovery of the Uranus rings and discovery of asteroids, comets and extra solar planets.

The observatory is open year-round with varying seasonal schedules. Visit the Lowell Observatory website for visitation times and program events.

Experience telescope viewing and discussions of the night sky during evening programs when telescopes including the original Clark Telescope from 1894 can be used by the public. During certain times of the year expect viewing of the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, star clusters, double stars, nebulae and other celestial bodies. During and after the scheduled evening programs, visitors can explore the interactive exhibit hall. Private viewing sessions and school programs area available by reservation.

This is the ideal attraction for a family learning experience.

Lowell Observatory
1400 West Mars Hill Road
Flagstaff, Az 86001
(928) 774.3358

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