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Planning For Flagstaff Weather and Climate

At an elevation of just under 7,000 feet, Flagstaff features four distinct seasons of climate, temperatures and weather changes. Unless you are a ski buff or enjoy playing in the snow, the best times to visit Flagstaff, Arizona are during the spring, summer and fall months when climate, weather and temperature are more ideal in Flagstaff AZ.

Planning for the climate will make your trip to Flagstaff more enjoyable. It is important to note that elevations along the Grand Canyon South Rim are slightly higher, so the temperatures could be about 10 degrees cooler than Flagstaff. Temperatures in the Sedona area can be 10-15 degrees warmer due to its lower elevation of about 5,000 feet.

Wide Temperature Ranges

During the year, high daily temperatures typically range from 30 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon season. Daily lows can span from below zero to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Beginning late afternoon, temperatures can drop as much as 30 degrees. See our Flagstaff Arizona Temperature Charts.

Rainfall and Snowfall

There are 288 days of sunshine and blue skies. Average annual rainfall is 23 inches and average snowfall is 108.9 inches. The least rain falls in April, May and June and the rainiest months are February, March and August. Afternoon thunderstorms can occur unexpectedly, but can clear quickly as well.

Tips For Comfort

Regardless of which months you choose to visit Flagstaff, plan on wearing layers of clothing according to the season since the temperatures can vary by 30 degrees from morning to night. Rainproof windbreakers are always a good idea. The sun is very bright in Flagstaff even during the winter months so if you are sensitive to sunlight, plan on sunscreen and sunglasses.

Spring Months: March, April, May. Although snow may fall in April, it's not likely. Temperatures begin to rise in March from the 50s to the high 60s in May. Budding leaves signal the beginning of spring followed by the bursting colors of wild flowers and lush greenery. Typically, April and May are ideal for hiking, biking, golf and sightseeing during day time hours but temperature can become chilly in the evenings when light jackets and long-sleeved shirts are required.

Summer Months: June, July, August, Early September. The weather and climate is ideal for any outdoor recreation. during the summer season. High temperatures range from the high 60s to high 80s. Crisp, clean and refreshing mountain air is the norm but you can expect temperature drops of around 30 degrees Fahrenheit beginning at about 4 PM daily. Nighttime can become "pleasantly chilly" which will require sweaters and light to moderate jackets.

Fall Months: Late September, October, Early November. September temperature averages in the low 70s and begins a gradual reduction to the low 50s in November. Low highs will gradually decline from the 70s to 40s in late November. Autumn is a gorgeous time beginning early October when the leaves begin to become golden. It is a lovely time to hike into the beauty of colorful forests and mountains, but long pants now replace the shorts you wore during the summer. Nights can now become quite "nippy cool" to "uncomfortable cold" when the sun begins to set.

Winter Months: Mid-November, December, January and February. High temperatures rarely reach 50 degrees and generally range from high 40s to high 30s. Lows will reach the 15 to 17 degree range, but it's possible low temperatures can approach close to zero degrees. First snows generally will fall in late November or early December and can become heavy through February.

It's now cold but the ski activity at the Arizona Snowbowl swells with snow-skiers and snowboarders. Snow recreation for children and families creates an abundance of joy for sledding and tubing down the snow-covered hills. Click here for Snow Play Recreation places. Be advised that the roads to the Grand Canyon could be closed due climate and ice conditions. Chains can sometimes be required and city streets can become very icy.

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