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Scenic perfection. It's difficult to find a more beautiful setting than Sedona, Arizona. When visiting Flagstaff, seize the moment to visit Sedona AZ. One of the most scenic drives in the country is taking Highway 89A south from Flagstaff. It is an incredible, soul-enriching 28 mile journey to Sedona. It is a crescendo of diverse landscape.

The trip begins through a thick Ponderosa pine forest that is laden with meadows of wildflowers in the spring. You'll come upon the crest overlooking Oak Creek Canyon. Pull into the Vista Overlook and gaze at the expansive panorama. Native American artisans display authentic hand-made jewelry and crafts. Occasionally a flute player will be entertaining with sounds that inspire visions of ancient times.

Begin the descent into the canyon. A 2.000 foot drop via a winding road that meanders along the crystal waters of Oak Creek. You will be instantly greeted with thick forests of Oak, Aspen and Pine trees that in places will merge into an overgrown canopy of lush greenery. Shimmering leaves from soft breezes create glistening rays of sunshine that penetrate the dense foliage.

As you approach the bottom of the canyon, admire the inviting campgrounds, fishing pools and swimming holes as colorful canyon walls begin to tease you of the awaiting crimson red monoliths. As you cross the bridge into Sedona. the sweet smell of Juniper pine signals the impending breathtaking beauty of one of the most picturesque vacation places in the country.

Sedona is considered sacred by today's Native Americans. The Indian Tribes still practice spiritual traditions that have been handed down through generations. Prehistoric Indian ruins saturate the Secret Mountain Wilderness with rock dwellings built into the cliff alcoves. Many believe that the emanating energy from spiritual vortexes heal the body, mind and soul. Read more about Sedona.

You will never want to leave this special place.

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