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Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki Indian Ruins in Flagstaff

Little did they know they were leaving a gift to the world for an eternity of enjoyment. The Sinagua Indians arrived in the area in about 1100AD and groups built Pueblo Villages in the places known today as Northern Arizona and New Mexico. Several Pueblos were built within the Wupatki National Monument of which the largest (85-100 people) was the Wupatki Pueblo. Others were the Nalakihu, Citadel, Lomaki and Wukoki Pueblos.

Sinagua was a name given by the Spanish and means "Sin" (without) and "agua" (water). The Sinaguans were agricultural people and gifted artisans as evidenced by artifacts they left behind. Trade networks were established and Wupatki Pueblo flourished as a meeting place of native groups of different cultures. For mysterious reasons the Sinagua Indians left the area around 1250AD. Today's Hopi and Navajo Indian Tribes are believed to be Sinagua descendants.

No doubt, ceremonies and tribal rituals have been handed down over centuries. Crafts, pottery and weavings today are deeply rooted in the past. The Sinaguans not only gifted customs to their descendants but also left these well-preserved rock-formed dwellings as evidence of their existence.

Wupatki and the other Pueblos within Wupatki National Monument are ancient treasures to be enjoyed and protected. When you visit, sit back and image what the world in this area was like over 1000 years ago. And imagine what the Sinaguans would think if they were here today. Wupatki is forever to be remembered and cared for, but never to be abandoned.

Visit the National Park Service website for additional information and a Wupatki Ruins area map. The photos are for your enjoyment compliments of who we call "cobalt123", a lady teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. Her photos ooze of keen interest and enjoyment of her visit to Wupatki National Monument. These photos are copyright cobalt123 and provided under the Creative Commons license.



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